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Neatly placed somewhere between a “REAL Bronx cheer” and an orgasm, this APP has been created to induce glee for those who become the keepers of THE FINAL WORD!

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At the press of a button, this adult novelty app delivers pre-recorded randomized profane insults to anyone, anywhere.  The new gag based entertainment app, has reached 100,000 downloads since its release in October.  It’s clear that the app is well on its way to major distribution through penetration of the app market space.

“The feeling of creating non-stop laughter is what inspired me to create this app. Spreading laughs is what it does,” said Jay Raifman, creator of THE FINAL WORD app. “I’m delighted to find that so many people are responding to the app.”

THE FINAL WORD is now offered in two different versions for purchase from the iTunes and Google Play stores. The first version comes with one obscene one-liner and is free to download. The second version has six classic insults which can be used over and over again for only $1.99.

According to those in the field, the app appeals to those who like the sound of dirty words, but are hesitant to say them. Users can surprise, insult, shock and cause laughter with their friends and family alike in today’s digital age by using their Android, iPhone, and even their Apple iWatch.

Now available on iTunes and Google Play, download THE FINAL WORD today!

ABOUT:  Raifman graduated from the University of Delaware with a Consumer Economics Degree (1995) and a Masters Degree from The New School for Urban Policy & Management, NY, NY (1998). After acquiring the trademark to THE FINAL WORD in 2015, Raifman had the mobile app designed.